Online MS Non-thesis Degree Program

The AE department is very happy to add an online delivery of the MS non-thesis degree to its portfolio.  You can Apply now to earn a master of science degree from one of the nation's top aerospace engineering departments entirely online.

You can take one or more classes as a non-degree student and, if qualified, transfer into the online MS non-thesis degree program at a later date while still keeping the credit earned. All online MS non-thesis students must fulfill the same degree program requirements as on-campus students. Online students receive access to recorded on-campus lectures and follow the same class syllabus, including the same assignments, exams, and projects as on-campus students. They will interact closely with the instructor and, depending on courses, with their online and/or on-campus classmates.

Contact Engineering Online for more information.

Please note:  The University of Illinos is not authorized by the State of Maryland to offer online distance education programs and courses to students residing in that state.  As of 12/15/2014, a student whose resident address is in Maryland is not eligible to enroll in online programs and courses offered by the University of Ilinois.

Program Information

The MS degree in Aerospace Engineering (non-thesis option) can now be obtained completely online.  Blended approaches, involving a combination of courses taken on campus and online, are also possible (contact the lambrosatillinois [dot] edu (Director of Graduate Programs) to discuss this option).  Online students are expected to complete all degree requirements within five years of first registering as a degree seeking student in the master's non-thesis degree program.

Program requirements for the online MS non-thesis degree are the same as those for on-campus students.  Students should develop a course program plan in consultation with their advisor.  For all online students that advisor will be the lambrosatillinois [dot] edu (Director of Graduate Programs).  Students may change their advisor if they desire later on in their studies.

A full listing of courses is available in the online program and includes courses offered annually and courses offered every 2 or 3 years.  Be sure to check back for updates as courses may be added!

Online MS Non-thesis Degree Program Tracks

Each sub-discipline has a suggested program track. Online students must also attend the AE seminar series for a maximum of 4 semesters. Online students are expected to complete all degree requirements within five years of first registering as a degree-seeking student in the MS non-thesis degree program.

In addition, courses are available online in other areas of possible interest that can complement the student's area of specialty. Examples include Civil and Environmental EngineeringComputer Science, and Mechanical Science and Engineering.






Program Administration:

lambrosatillinois [dot] edu (Prof. John Lambros)
Associate Head, Graduate Programs

tankatillinois [dot] edu (Staci Tankersley)
Program Coordinator, Graduate Programs

Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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