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AE Prof. Bruce A. Conway has been invited to deliver the prestigious John V. Breakwell Memorial Lecture at the Astrodynamics Symposium of...
AE Assistant Prof. Joanna M Austin has earned a 2010 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award for research to help minimize tissue...
AE Assistant Prof. Timothy W. Bretl and his team will begin research on brain-machine interfaces (BMIs).
AE faculty members John Lambros, Philippe Geubelle, and Michael Selig have been honored with the Engineering Council Award for Excellence...
AE students, faculty and staff said, "Thanks and good luck!" this spring to Kent Elam and David Foley.
AE has recognized several of the Department's undergraduate and graduate students with awards for their scholastic achievement and...
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Illinois Chapter has chosen AE Assistant Prof. Daniel J. Bodony as the AE Teacher of...
The Fluid Dynamics Technical Committee of the AIAA has selected AE Assistant Prof. Joanna M. Austin and her co-authors for the 2009 Best...
Three AE alumni were recognized at the Department's Awards Banquet.
The College of Engineering has presented AE doctoral student Craig G. Merrett with a Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3) Award.
The College of Engineering at Illinois has selected Aerospace Engineering Associate Profs. Ioannis Chasiotis and Jonathan B. Freund for the...
Aerospace Engineering at Illinois will honor the late Emeritus Prof. Lee H. Sentman III by establishing a scholarship fund.
AE Assistant Prof. Tim Bretl and his neuroengineering students are using their minds to control planes.
AE Senior Joseph Gonzalez was among 10 College of Engineering students knighted during the Knights of St. Pat Ball on Saturday, March 13.
AE Alumna Julia Laystrom-Woodard talks about her career as an aerospace engineer.
Stanley O. Ikenberry has a message for University of Illinois friends and alumni.
AE Prof. Bruce A. Conway is the 2009 recipient of the Dirk Brouwer Award.
AE Associate Prof. Ioannis Chasiotis was among 100 young researchers honored.
A robotics project recently has been featured on the Popular Science website.
AE encourages you to show your loyalty by becoming a fan on the Department's new Facebook page.


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