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AE alumnus Bob Liebeck
Alumnus Bob Liebeck pays tribute to the late Prof. Al Ormsbee by endowing a professorship.
Model 250 engine
AE gains a Model 250 and a J35 engine as well as propeller blades to add to its Rolls Royce display.
News story image
Students gain room for undergrad labs and project work in a realignment of Talbot Lab's space.
New Horizons spacecraft
Alumni Gabe Rogers, Stewart Bushman, and Coralie Jackman play roles in New Horizons' mission.
Nano-JASMINE © Intelligent Space Sytems Laboratory, the University of Tokyo
Koki Ho's work has contributed to mapping the stars, planning travel through space.
Illinois Emeritus Prof. Bruce Conway
Deflecting invading asteroids might veer them from Earth's path.
Hermes graphic
Five times and still champions! AE team takes first in space design challenge.
Graphic showing planetary entry.
"Planetary entry is a tough problem that we’re still learning how to solve." - AE Assistant Prof. Zach Putnam.
Kai James research graphic
New computationalist and faculty member Kai James bring to AE his interest in STEM education for underrepresented groups.
Complex flow over inclined airfoil.
Looking at data, Maciej Balajewicz simplifies computational modeling.
AE 100 rocket building
Communication skills will be emphasized in a new AE freshmen course.
Lawn-mowing robot
Little set-up is needed for this lawn-mowing robot.
Graphic from Brent Pomeroy's research
PhD student Brent Pomeroy's contributions to research and the AE Department earn a top AIAA recognition.
Tinkertoy-like satellite
Four AE graduate students have won major national fellowships.
AE Associate Prof. Tim Bretl
Associat Prof. Tim Bretl is recognized by both AE students and the College of Engineering for his teaching efforts.
2015 AE graduates
Aerospace Engineering at Illinois gains 132 new alumni with graduations from AY 2015.
AIAA logo
AE alumnus Dan Jensen is a new director on the AIAA Board.
Associate Prof. Timothy Bretl
Associate Prof. Tim Bretl is co-PI in developing an automated vision-based construction progress monitoring system.
self-destructing electornics
Self-destructive electronic devices possible through newly developed sustainable materials.
jet plane
Following a successful debut year, AE's online master's degree program looks to expand programming.


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