News Stories

Joyee Zhu
Alumna Joyee Zhu gains recognition for work in GE Power & Water.
John Lambros research
AE research is counted among the International Journal of Fatigue's 20 most downloadable papers.
Silicon Valley sign
Andrew Putch competed for a three-day tour of Silicon Valley's tech community.
unmanned aerial vehicle
CSL conference brings together experts in manned and unmanned aviation.
AE graduate student Mary Nguyen working with a prosthetic hand.
Tim Bretl's group combines electromyographic control research with 3D-printing to develop an artificial hand.
Grace Gao and her group at ION GNSS+
New technology improves GPS applications to power grid cybersecurity.
Emeritus Prof. Harry H. Hilton
Alumni, faculty, staff and AE friends gathered to celebrate the Department's 70th Anniversary.
News story image
A $1.5 million NSF grant will fund a project to build mechanical bats for construction sites.
AE 2014 graduate students
AE welcomes its largest incoming undergraduate class in 10 years.
AE Prof. John Lambros
Aerospace Engineering at Illinois has a good first response to its online master's degree.
Velocity field of Xe neutrals in a three ion thruster system predicted by new, m
Deborah Levin brings 34 years of experience in modeling and simulations as a new professor in AE.
A-LOFT Team graphics
AE teams take first and second place in the AIAA Space Design Contest for the third year in a row.
Andreas Cangellaris and Mark Rhodes
AE gains a piece of aeronautics history through the long-term loan of a Rolls-Royce Olympus engine.
Artist conception of the Nanosatellite Lab
Students will gain use of state-of-the-art composite manufacturing and nanosatellite facilities with a Talbot Laboratory remodeling project.
Taraneh Sayadi
Assistant Prof. Taraneh Sayadi will bring to AE expertise in numerical analysis of complex turbulent flow and thermoacoustic instabilities.
Scott R. White
AE Prof. Scott White is recognized for his pioneering research in autonomous materials.
Astronaut Steven R. Nagel
Long an advocate for Aerospace Engineering at Illinois, astronaut Steven R. Nagel has died.
An Illinois team's design takes third place in a Mars flyby competition.
Vincent Le Chenadec research image
Assistant Prof. Vincent Le Chenadec brings to AE expertise in numerical simulation and modeling of complex multi-phase flows.
Historical photo of Harry H. Hilton
Emeritus Prof. Harry H. Hilton is now a Fellow of the American Society for Composites.


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