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The Champaign County Economic Development Corporation recognizes Scott White's work in self-healing materials.
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Aerospace Engineering at Illinois graduate David R. Riley is now an AIAA Fellow.
Blue Waters supercomputing facility
Bodony will investigate jet aircraft noise pollution using the Blue Waters supercomputing facility.
Covers of Soft Matter and Advanced Materials
New advances in self-healing materials: high-temperature curing of polymers, nanoscale skeletons
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Jonathan Frend begins a five-year appointment on an influential journal's editorial board.
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Joseph Gonzalez presented on Li-ion composite battery electrodes at a recent national SHPE conference.
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Big Ten Network Features astronaut Mike Hopkins.
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As a CAS Fellow, Soon-Jo Chung will work on research to resolve bird strikes at airports.
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Several AE students presented seminar topics as part of their GPS course.
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BTN gives a glimpse of AE alum's journey from football captain to astronaut.
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Farquhar is recognized for his decades of work on deep space missions.
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AE alum receives AIAA top honor.
Swarm of flying quadrotors avoiding collision with human.
Chung Group video shows advances in formation flying.
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Enjoy this beautiful video Greg Elliott filmed using a remote-controlled hexacopter.
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Symposium honoring Parviz Moin leads to a special section in the November Physics of Fluids.
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Join us for the AE at Illinois Reception at the AIAA Conference
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Dan Bodony is a new AIAA Associate Fellow
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Tom Jackson is elected an APS Fellow.
Mike Hopkins on board the International Space Station.
Mike Hopkins, aboard the International Space Station, will chat live with AE students.


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