Transfer from Institutions Outside UIUC

The Aerospace Department encourages interested outstanding undergraduate students attending other institutions to apply for admission. Please contact the UIUC Office of Admissions after consulting the Transfer Handbook on the UIUC Office of Admissions website: University of Illinois Transfer Handbook

Intercollegiate Transfer Criteria and Procedures

(for current UIUC students NOT currently in the College of Engineering)

Any student in good standing in a college outside of Engineering is eligible to seek a transfer into a curriculum offered by the College of Engineering.

The likelihood of success of an Inter-College Transfer (ICT) petition depends upon the qualifications of the student, primarily as evidenced by performance in courses at Illinois. The College of Engineering looks for a pattern of achievement that portends success in a highly technical curriculum. A student with a B average with demonstrated success (primarily A's and B's) in math, physics, and chemistry may be a good candidate for transfer. Students with grades below B in technical courses are not good candidates for transfer to Engineering, unless those low performances are amended by retaking the course and earning a higher grade.

Changing your major in the College of Engineering
College of Engineering Transfer Handbook

Inter-Departmental Transfer Criteria and Procedures

(for students currently in the UIUC College of Engineering)

Students enrolled in the College of Engineering may petition for transfer to another department within the college at times prior to advanced enrollment and the beginning of a new term. Learn more about Inter-departmental transfer.