Alumni Awards

AE Distinguished Alumnus Award

The AE Distinguished Alumnus Award is given to alumni in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in the field of engineering.

2016   Erik A. Johnson, Alexandre Kosmala, James B. Mocarski, Laura L. Bogusch
2015   Richard W. Hoch, D. Christopher Raymond
2014   Stanley A. Deal, Donald J. Leo
2013   Steve Wells & Dan Jensen
2012   Jeff Fisher & Abdollah Khodadoust
2011   Blaine Brown & Jay Onken
2010   Terry Jaggers
2009   Stephen Hoffman & Catherine Koerner
2008   Bruce Donaldson
2006   Mark Crowley
2005   Shirley Dyke & Barry Butler
2004   Gregory C. Mayer
2003   Michael W. Miller & Robert E. Spitzer
2002   Lee H. Sentman & Thomas J. Tobey
2001   William Heckathorn & Rodney Jacobs & William Moore
2000   Bruce T. Goodwin & George K. Muellner
1999   Scott D. Altman & Kenneth L. Atkins & Eugene G. Hill
1998   Steven J. D'Urso
1997   Gary L. Jennings and Mark Page
1996   Craig Bolt, Robert Gregg III, and Gustav Nystrom
1995   David Riley and Daniel Young
1994   Ross Bisplinghoff
1993   James DeLaurier and John Hsu
1992   Rudolph Yurkovich
1991   Larry Cooper and Jerry Lundry
1990   John Kirby and Vernon Roan
1989   Rao Channapragada, Preston Henne and Emmett Kraus
1988   Robert Liebeck and Steven Nagel
1987   John Fisher and Richard Grant
1986   Gerald Karr
1984   Thomas Cost, Eugene Pelka, Rimas Vaicaitis and Colman Winn
1983   Ronlad Banas, Paul Fuller and Edward Thompson
1982   Fredric Cohan, Larry Howell and Curtis Vail
1981   Donald Doty, Steven Drum, Allen Green, Charles Herndon and Jean Vaillancourt
1980   Robert Farquhar and John Prodan
1979   Walter Reeder, Harry Sauerwein and John Williams
1978   Sterling Campbell, Fred Breuer, John Heckel, Paul Klevatt and Herschel Sams
1977   Gene Armstrong, Russell Hopps, Edwin Spuhler, Noel Thyson and Clive Whittenbury
1976   Max Braun, Alan Kehlet, Pillutla Murthy, Stanley Newman, Sridhar Ramachandra, Robert Tatro and James Xerikos
1975   William Brooks, Charles Badewitz and Earl Dowell
1974   Phil DeProntine, Hassan Hassan and Allen Ormsbee
1973   Lembit Pottsepp

AE Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award

The AE Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award is given to alumni, who have graduated from the AE Department within the past ten years, in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in the field of engineering.

2016   Jeremy R. Alonso, Gina M. Miller
2015   David A. Shaw
2014   Jason M. Merrit, Edward A. Whalen
2013   Lynn Craig McGrew
2012   Samuel Schweighart & Kazuhiro Horie
2011   Aaron Trask
2010   Carrie Hartman & Daniel Therriault
2009   Pamela McVeigh & Daniel Thunnissen
2008   Qi (Joyee) Kim & Justin Berman
2007   Richard Mange, Cheol Kim & Presun Desai
2005   Michael Kerho, Matthew Cummings & Laura Bogusch
2004   Donald J. Leo
2003   David L. Carroll & Erik A. Johnson
2002   Abdollah Khodadoust
2001   Andrew Higgins
2000   Albert L. Herman & Robert A. Waldo
1999   Catherine A. Larson Koerner
1998   Shirley J. Dyke
1995   Stephen Alexanader and Michael Lembeck
1994   Steven D'Urso and Brian Fuesz
1993   Lee Archambault and Michael D. McFarland
1992   William Heckathorn and Mark Maughmer
1991   Gary T. Yip
1990   Gail Jonkouski, Michael Miller and Mark Page
1989   Stephen Hoffman, William Moore and John Rice
1988   Michael Bragg, Paul Nus and Shawn Sheridan
1987   James Korkowski
1984   Stewart Stoddart
1983   Clifford Chrisman, Raymond Curtis and John Nixon
1982   William Drysdale, Preston Henne and William Walters
1981   James DeLaurier, John Madden, Michael Mariani and David Scheiwe
1980   Kenneth Atkins, Tom Forster, Harold Kerzner and Emmett Kraus
1979   Bruce Donaldson, John Majerus, Steven Nagel and Vernon Roan
1978   Albert Bennett, Clark Bullard, Gerald Karr and Kenneth Roth
1977   Larry Howell, John Hsu, Richard Martin and Rimas Vaicaitis
1976   Stephen Patay and Curtis Vail
1975   Thomas McDaniel
1974   George Carruthers
1973   Earl Dowell

College of Engineering at Illinois Alumni Award for Distinguished Service

The College of Engineering Alumni Award for Distinguished Service is conferred upon exceptional alumni each year. Recipients are recognized for professional distinction through outstanding leadership, contributions to the field of engineering, creativity, and entrepreneurship; as well as service to society, the professional community, and to the department, college, or university.

2015   Michael Bragg
2013   Robert Farquar
2011   Scott Altman
2009   Lee Archambault
2008   Eugene Hill
2006   Bruce Goodwin
2005   Preston Henne
2002   George Muellner
1994   Robert Liebeck
1991   Richard Grant
1988   Steve Nagel
1982   Alan Kehlet
1975   George Carruthers

Alumni Association Achievement Award

Established in 1957, this is the highest honor bestowed upon alumni of the University of Illinois by the Alumni Association on behalf of the University of Illinois. It is presented to those alumni who have attained outstanding success and national or international distinction in their chosen business, profession, or life's work, and whose accomplishments reflect admirably on or bring honor to their Alma Mater. This list includes those members of the AE Department bestowed with the University of Illinois Alumni Association Achievement Award.


Steven Nagel

Alumni Loyalty Award

Established in 1957, this award is bestowed upon alumni of the University of Illinois who have made significant, notable, and meritorious contributions and who have consistently demonstrated exceptional loyalty, commitment, dedication, and service to the University of Illinois Alumni Association for the advancement of their Alma Mater. This list includes those members of the AE Department bestowed with the University of Illinois Alumni Loyalty Award.

1994   Craig Bolt
1990   Herschel Sams
1984   Artha Chamberlain (staff)
1977   Lee Sentman
1976   Charles Hurter
1973   Larry Howell, Katherine Howell (LAS) and Richard Ollila
1970   James Xerikos