Aerospace Engineering 75th Anniversary

Aerospace Engineering 75th Anniversary

Please join us in September!

Samantha McCue

Where are they now?

Samantha McCue, '13 is Integration and Test IPT Lead and Flight Test Director for 5D Systems and owns two boutique fitness centers.

Elias Waddington, '17 testing a drone

Where are they now?

Elias Waddington, '17 helped defuse a complicated hostage situation.

illustration of spacecraft using propulsion to steer

Propulsion not Parachutes

Strategy to land heavier vehicles on Mars

Artist's drawing of Talbot Expansion project

Coming 2020

The new facility will include Illinois' nanosatellite lab, composite manufacturing, and equipment for additive manufacturing and 3D printing.   


Lead a Growing Aerospace Engineering Department

Head and Professor Position Available

Apply before Sept. 1, 2019

Featured Event

Featured AE Event

Annual Student Awards Banquet, 2019

Aerospace Engineering at Illinois recognizes outstanding students each spring with awards for scholastic achievement and other contributions.See the Most Recent Awards

Talbot Laboratory

addition to create new
instructional space
for composite

Learn more about how we are growing.

New Talbot Addition Image
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